The importance of conditioner

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Recently I dove into the best shampoos for every hair type. And since a great shampoo is only as good as the conditioner you pair it with, I’m sorting through the best-of-the-best conditioners to help with everything from taming frizz to repairing heat damage. “It’s very similar to skin care,” says Brooke Jordan, co-owner and master stylist at the Bird House salon in Gowanus. “You don’t want to wash without also moisturizing, unless you’re insanely oily. You want to give equal attention to moisture as you do to washing.” Advice on the application of conditioner will vary depending on your hair type — some stylists will tell those with thin hair to stick to a dime-size amount applied just on the ends, while Jordan prefers to “really goop it on,” adding that, “I think people don’t use enough conditioner.” And while you’ll probably want to take advice on the amount of conditioner you should use from those who know your head best, our panel of hairstylists and salon owners have recommendations for which brands to look out for. Read on for their favorite conditioners for hair of all kinds, including some worthy of really gooping on.

Redken All Soft Conditioner 

Moisturize Dry Hair & Boost Shine With Argan Oil

Redken’s Moisture Complex technology also contains Argan Oil, a plant oil and key ingredient that helps moisturize and condition dry and/or brittle hair. For 15x more conditioning, use All Soft Shampoo, All Soft Conditioner & Moisture Restore Leave-In Treatment as a full

Replenish Dry Hair With Redken All Soft Haircare

Hair feeling dry, dull and brittle? All Soft is the professional solution range to moisturize dry, brittle hair with its argan oil-enriched formula that delivers extended softness. This range moisturizes and nourishes hair deeply, while increasing manageability, suppleness and shine.





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