UPHOLSTERY Interior Cleaner and Shampoo [NA-UPH16]

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  • Without removing the natural sheen of any fine finish
  • Removes oil, grease, dirt, blood, wine, coffee and most substances
  • Superior stain, recoiling properties
  • Helps to upper the surfaces cleaner and stain free longer
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NANOSKIN Interior Cleaner & Shampoo cleans all interior surfaces without harmful effects. Specially designed for today’s surfaces, ICS offers superior anti-stain, anti-resoling properties helping to keep the surfaces cleaner and stain free longer. It removes oil, grease, dirt and most substances that stain all automotive interior surfaces, trunk or home carpet. Using unique cleaning technology, the best part is that the carpet or fabric will not be altered after cleaning. Compatible with EVERGREEN Multi-Function Cleaning Gun EVERGREEN Micro Particle Cleaning Gun.

3 reviews for UPHOLSTERY Interior Cleaner and Shampoo [NA-UPH16]

  1. Joe

    This upholstery cleaner is OK. I’ve used better. One thing Nanoskin should consider is adding more SCENT to this product. Add a fresh scent that lingers slightly on the fabric after use. When I use an upholstery cleaner, I want the upholstery to have a CLEAN and FRESH smell after I am done cleaning the fabric. The cleaning ability is OK as well. I just bought LEXOL Upholstery cleaner and it has a much nicer, very FRESH smell to it and does a good job cleaning the fabric, leaving a very fresh smell to the fabric once cleaning is completed.

  2. GeonSoo Ahn

    So so

  3. SS.DEB

    I was doing the DIY dawn warm water and WV but felt like I couldn’t get my foundation brush 100% clean. Still had clumping. I purchased this and my brushes feel so soft and exactly like they did when I bought them. I’m never going back!Wet brushes with warm water and then massage cleaner into brush wet slightly again and then scrub using brush cleaner pad. Let air dry and by the next day it’s like a whole new brush!

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