Nootie Medicated Pet Shampoo

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  • JUST A SMALL DROP of this medicated dog shampoo goes a long way. You’ll notice immediately that this super concentrated pet shampoo forms a rich lather. Just let it stand 5-10 minutes, rinse, and presto – your dog, cat or horse has a revitalized coat and is looking and smelling his best.
  • WE CREATED this chlorhexidine shampoo with only the ingredients necessary to disinfect and revitalize your pet’s coat. Plus, it has a naturally pleasant scent that both you and your pets will appreciate.
  • Our non-irritating shampoo helps prevent topical skin infections. For best results, use with Nootie Pet Spray.
  • HELPS ALLEVIATE SKIN CONDITIONS: This dog shampoo is ideal for helping relieve issues like ringworm, hotspots, bug bite dermatitis, dry itchy skin, infections, and other topical skin issues caused by bacteria, fungus, and yeast
  • UP TO SNUFF GUARANTEE: With our solid track record of success, we can say with confidence that Nootie medicated dog shampoo will clear your pet’s coat and put a stop to the irritation that’s been bothering both of you. If not, just let us know and we’ll promptly process your full refund. Ready to revitalize your dog, cat or horse? Just click add to cart, and let your best bud know that help is on the way!
  • Sold in over 10,000 Vet Clinics & Pet Stores Worldwide – Our products are used and trusted by veterinarians.
  • MANUFACTURING DETAILS: This dog shampoo for itchy skin has been made in the USA in an FDA Facility in Small Batches for Quality and Safety.
  • SOAP-FREE, CRUELTY-FREE & VEGAN FRIENDLY: All our puppy shampoo products are Soap-free, Cruelty-free & Vegan Friendly.
  • Made in the USA in an FDA Facility in Small Batches for Quality and Safety.
  • REJUVENATE: What if your dog shampoo medicated the issues, but it left your dog irritated and itchy? The essential oils we include with Nootie dog mange shampoo means your pet’s coat will not only be cleaned but also rejuvenated. You’ll be able to see and feel the difference, and your brave little friend will be all the happier! Know a few other furry ones who could do with a good coat cleanse? Use our 3-for-1 promo code and give the gift of a happy pet!
  • ATTACK THE PROBLEM AT THE SOURCE: with 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate and 2% Miconazole Nitrate, our specifically formulated dog shampoo goes after bacterial infections as well as things like ring worm that can make your pet miserable and potentially lead to bigger problems down the line. Nip them in the bud by simply applying this shampoo as directed. Yes, this will even work on horses!
  • HIGH QUALITY PET SHAMPOO: Sold in over 10,000 Vet Clinics & Pet Stores Worldwide – Our products are used and trusted by veterinarians, not developed for thehaircarepro.
  • ANTISEPTIC PROPERTIES: Our non-irritating medicated dog shampoo helps stop and protect your pet from harmful microorganisms that can cause topical skin infections; For best results, use along with Nootie Medicated Pet Spray
  • HELPS ALLEVIATE SKIN CONDITIONS – Ideal for helping relieve issues like hotspots, dry itchy skin, infections, and other topical skin issues.

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Medicated Dog Shampoo: Dog Shampoo – Lather Then Rinse to Soothe Irritation and Strengthen Coat – Pet Shampoo Also Works On Cats and Horses – Best Dog Shampoo for Your Buck

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4 reviews for Nootie Medicated Pet Shampoo

  1. mackhine

    The shampoo works great. I’ve tried a bunch of different dog shampoos, trying to deal with my dog’s skin issues, and this is probably the best. The problem is that the first time I ordered it, I received a 16 oz. bottle. The second time I ordered, they sent an 8 oz. bottle, but I was charged the same price. There’s not even an option to choose a size.

  2. Heyjude

    My Golden Retriever had terrible skin allergies, fungal followed by bacterial ‘scabbies’. Last summer he lost all of the hair under his armpits, on his neck where his collar would touch his skin, and his entire underbelly. My vet tried antibiotics for the secondary bacterial infection, but it would come right back when the meds stopped. He didn’t want to start him on steroids (and neither did I), but after another topical liquid failed to improve his condition, he gave him a prednisone shot. Well, that lasted for a couple of weeks and the cycle would start again. Then he recommended a shampoo that he had at his practice, which was very pricey but I tried it and it worked beautifully! After reading the ingredients, I shopped around for a similar product at a more user friendly price and minus the small amount of salicylic acid that my vet’s formula had, this has the identical ingredients in the same strengths of the prescription shampoo. I was prepared to have to seek out an animal dermatologist, but this shampoo has proven to be just as effective as the vet’s. My dog doesn’t scratch like he used to and is far more comfortable. Also his hair is growing back in.I would highly recommend this for fungal/yeast and secondary bacterial infections in dogs.

  3. Nancy

    I have used this on 2 different dogs and it really makes a difference with skin issues. It is a great product

  4. GetRDone

    Owning a dog with severe fungal issues… for years… has been an exasperating experience. Paw licking, back/belly scratchin’, ears in constant crust — $$$$ in Vet bills. We have used many different shampoos over the years but honestly, this one is the best. Just started using it about 3 weeks ago and can already see an amazing difference. In my opinion, it is the 2% Miconazole antifungal properties that make this shampoo standout from the others — that plus the absence of Acidic Acid compounds that might work well to prevent fungal issues, but if your pet already has a problem, their skin is compromised and if you use those shampoos, you will see your pet “jump around” following baths trying to get comfortable from the stinging. This Nootie shampoo leaves his fur soft without having added oatmeal (which can spell disaster for fungal dogs since fungus feeds off of oatmeal or any grains for that matter)We rub it onto our Buddy’s fungal areas and then go take a 10 minute walk to let it work awhile. When we return we add water and more shampoo and scrub a dub our Bud! I pair shampooing with a pair of “defoliating” abrasive cloth gloves you can get in the cosmetics dept at a grocery store (they might be on Amazon – haven’t checked). Works great for scrubbing off the fungus and after 3 weeks (along with an additional 2% Miconazole spray product between shampoos), my dog is FINALLY getting over his fungus issues…. and we’ve been dealing with this issue for YEARS! Thank goodness for bloggers who clued me in to their success with this product!

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