Just 5 Women’s 5 Minute Permanent Hair Color with Conditioner, Grey Hair Coloring for Women – Black Noir


  • Ammonia-free with MoistureDuoTM conditioner for extra protection from dryness; so gentle, you can color grey a day after you relax
  • To blend away your grey for a natural look, use the shade closest to your own, but not darker. If your desired shade is between two shades, try the lighter shade first. You can always go darker next time
  • Lasts up to 6 weeks, or until your grey hair grows back
  • Just 5 Women’s 5 Minute Permanent Hair Color is a hair color that covers grey hair permanently in 5 easy, gentle minutes
  • Great for relaxed or straightened hair

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Dont expose your hair to harsh chemicals for a long time to get the look you love. Instead use Just5s 5-minute ammonia free color to cover your gray. Just 5 blends shades of your own color into the gray so invisibly, even you can’t tell which used to be gray. It also protects and revitalizes your with built in conditioners and 5 super rich after conditioners, for brighter shine and an extra boost of body and manageability. Its so gentle, you can even color your a day after you relax or straighten it! It won’t wash out, won’t fade out or look dull no matter how often you shampoo. It lasts up to 6 weeks, until your gray grows back. Spend just 5 minutes gently coloring your for 6 weeks of coverage, with our super-rich Moisture Duo conditioners to help protect your .


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